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It's Complicated Durham.

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Exhibiting February 2019.

Photo by Durham Photographer, Derrick Beasley

Everything is love.

In December, “we met up for a sewing circle after attending Lobby Call at the Durham Hotel.” What would happen next, a kinship neither of us imagined. We were already in community with each other but this sewing circle and Derrick Beasley’s agate eye made us family. We’ve all got a story to tell and we’re inviting the community to express the ways in which love shows up, together, like family.

Please note the changes to the call.

Call One:

A collective of photographers, painters, and mixed media artists will reimagine two stories about love and intimacy within our community in collaboration with featured artists and storytellers.

Storytellers. Who do you love and how has love shown up in your life? We'll explore the vast definitions of love and how they impact expressions of love. Storytellers also serve to remind us that we've got love in so many ways-- how do we cultivate that love intentionally? How do we lift up these aspects of love as much as our society has lifted romantic partnerships? Call for submissions Sunday, September 16 here.

Tuesday, October 16 Deadline for submissions

Tuesday, October 23 Notification to artists & storytellers

Monday, October 29 Artists & Storyteller Meeting (Time & Location TBD)

Photo by Durham Photo/Videographer, Jade Wilson

Portraits by Durham Painter, Cassie Rowe.

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