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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Monét Noelle Marshall stays imagining the possibilities and has challenged "Black people to share their dreams and how many stimulus checks it would take to make it happen" on her Instagram page Monday, March 15th 2021, as the $1400 stimulus checks begin to roll in.

Our DREAM to launch the inaugural Live from the Fayetteville Street Corridor: an Art & Business Walk in the Historic Hayti District is being realized come Third Friday, April 16th 2021. It will take SIX (6) stimmies to purchase:

5 Amethyst (Purple) Tents

6 Card Tables

5 Chromebooks, 1 iPad Pro, and a dedicated MIFI device

6 Sets of String Lights

5 Boxes of Post-It Notes, Signage, and Printing Materials

6 Mobile Magnetic White Boards

and make this DREAM a reality.

If you're interested in investing in Our DREAM, there are five (5) ways you can do it:

1. Become a patron at our newly launched BE CONNECTED DURHAM PATREON site:

2. CashApp: $AngelDozier and add BCD LIVE from the FSC in the memo line.*

3. VenMo: @Angel-Dozier and add BCD LIVE from the FSC in the memo line.*

4. PayPal: and add BCD LIVE from the FSC in the memo line.

5. For large gifts that must follow 501c3 regulations, you may invest through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas at BE CONNECTED DURHAM & BEYOND.

*While I tend to remain private about money matters, should you decide to invest via CashApp or VenMo, I ask you to do so publicly so that we can acknowledge this public gift. It's also important for our tax records :).

I've got Amethyst Dreams to remember and I'm grateful to Monét for inspiring us all to dream wide awake. LIVE from the FSC is a response to the feelings of unwelcome and exclusion many of our neighbors experience after having attended art walk events on Third Fridays in Downtown Durham. This project is not to shame nor blame the status quo, but to model what equitable engagement looks like in order to restore mobility on the Fayetteville Street Corridor, to acknowledge the creative genius of our neighbors in the Hayti District, and to honor our ancestors who found infinite, creative ways to survive through extremely limited access and opportunity.

In exchange, an offering I've established as my life's work, Manifesto as a Conceptual Teaching Artist, at North Carolina Central University's Teaching Artist Certificate Program, created & directed by Lenora Z Helm Hammonds:

Artistic Prescription for Community™ to Realize Dreams

  1. Opening Soundscape: Dreams to Remember x Otis Redding

  2. Yoga: 30-Minute Yoga for Total Beginners x Jessamyn Stanley

  3. Meditation: Dust II Onyx: a Melanated Tarot Deck x Courtney Alexander XI Justice, Their Eyes Were Watching Gods, 2017 "Seek the truth that comes from Source instead of simply relying on collective biases to make your decisions or form your judgements. Use higher guidance to bring your life and relationships back into a state of equilibrium." pp. 39-40

  4. Reality Check: their eyes were watching god x ZORA NEALE HURSTON "Janie stood where he left her for unmeasured time and thought. She stood there until something fell off the shelf inside her. Then she went inside there to see what it was. It was her image of Jody tumbled down and shattered. But looking at it she saw that it never was the flesh and blood figure of her dreams. Just something she had grabbed up to drape her dreams over." p. 72

  5. Literary Art: We Will Not Cancel US and Other Dreams of Transformative Justice by adrienne maree brown "... Instead of prison bars we place each other in an overflowing box of untouchables--often with no trial-- and strip us of past and future, of the complexity of being gifted and troubled, brilliant and broken. We will set down this punitive measure and pick each other up, leaving no traumatized person behind. We will not cancel us. But we must earn our place on this earth." p. 76

  6. Closing Soundscape: Springtime Again x Sun Ra, Sleeping Beauty

Thank you for your support.

Angel Iset Dozier, Founder & Principal at Iset Excelsior LLC DBA Be Connected Durham

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