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Declining That Call

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

I don’t want to work

with the capitalist minded

a grey couch holds African Ankara fabric, a black and white lumbar pillow, a white blanket, brown gift bags with black and white tissues, and contents of those bags. To the far left, a pillow cover of a Hip Hop Queen, designed by Rachel Stewart.
Packing Bags

the hell bent on

this is the only way

someone must bow

as you rise

clout chasing

energy vampires.

I don’t want to work

with the capitalist minded

because somehow they

let all the air out of your balloon

steal your joy AND YOUR IDEA

whitewash it, vinyl side it, trend set it

and now the spirit is gone

I mean, look at what’s been happening

with Black Lives Matter

oh you didn’t know

because capitalism

keeps you caught up

so you can’t keep up

and groupthink

is often the wrongful

death of us

I want to work with money magic makers

Dreamers who do business


no buzz word intended

entrepreneurs who keep mastering

their master plan

because life is about the practice

the new thing you added to your repertoire

the everyday...

I want to work with lifelong learners

People who can admit they’re afraid and who conquer their fear because they know that’s love too

and when the spirit is gone

it is because it has been transmuted

a portal at the next level of higher

These are the people

I want to make money magic with

They who prove that

sound systems await eternal

the wayssss, the truth, and the light

after a life of letting go of the bullshit.

written by principal, angel iset dozier

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