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Homage to The Art of Cool: Five Years

My emotional intelligence is my superpower. What activates this intelligence is the love I have for music. Music for me is reclamation. Medication. A recording of vibrations we can access whenever we want.

When the The Art of Cool Festival booked Roy Ayers at the Durham Armory, I couldn’t help but feel like Cicely Mitchell and Al Strong knew something. Like, they had tapped into an energy that proves Durham has always been dope. It brings to mind James Brown and so many other musicians who performed at the armory, probably before I was born.

In this political climate, memories are oftentimes all we have to access the tools that’ll move us forward. Why I love the Art of Cool and why I will forever be a fan. Happy 5 years y’all!

Counting down,

Angel Iset Dozier


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