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Seeking Major Gifts: Our Fiscal Sponsor

Fractured Atlas Be Connected Durham & Beyond

Our fiscal sponsorship allows Iset Excelsior LLC DBA Be Connected Durham to achieve its community mission by soliciting tax-deductible donations, applying for and making grants, hosting fundraisers or events, and operating mission driven programs. This fiscal sponsorship also relieves us from the administrative management of a foundation, while providing us with financial oversight and compliance necessary for maintaining 501(c)(3) status.

Be Connected provides markcomms and curatorial services that connect disparate audiences for social benefit, using the arts, cultural, music, and political advocacy as vehicle.

City of Durham Neighborhood Improvement Services Community Partner: Our re-emergence as a community arts education initiative after the 2020 COVID-19 shelter-in-place

Through private or independent entities, the City's Third Friday Art Walk has been hosted at more than twelve venues across the City Center District of Durham, North Carolina over the past several years. While these events are exciting, and introduce residents of the entire city to arts exhibits, artists, and local businesses, African- American/Black citizens and visitors report feelings of unwelcome and exclusion.

The Fayetteville Street Corridor Fellows designed a response that identifies those feelings as a basic human need-- a sense of belonging; our research on equitable engagement, public art & placemaking impact, and food sovereignty led us to curate artistic prescriptions for community™ resulting in feeding-site engagements, storytelling, and the beginning stages of publishing the FSC Everybody Eats Directory.

In April 2021, Be Connected Durham and the Fayetteville Street Fellows will present the inaugural Live from the Fayetteville Street Corridor: a Third Friday Art & Business Walk centering arts, artists, and businesses along the Fayetteville Street Corridor to share our community's collective voice and contributions to the City of Durham.

Beginning with five businesses on the Corridor, Live from the Fayetteville Street Corridor will host Third Friday events that educate the community about a regional or national issue prevalent in our own community, beginning with childhood sexual and domestic violence. Fellow Catherine "CeCe" Scott, author and certified peer support counselor with the Durham Crisis Center will serve as educational curator of Hurt People, Hurt People, a curricular series acknowledging childhood sexual and domestic violence survivors with the intention to address disparity, foster understanding, and therefore equalize access to resources for families, friends, neighbors, and visitors of communities with similar demographic make-up as the Fayetteville Street Corridor in the Historic Hayti District.

We are seeking major gifts from philanthropic organizations, anti-racism capacity-building funders or foundations, and arts councils in order to maintain operations of our events designed to dissolve social tension and bridge the opportunity, access, and education gaps that are far too common among marginalized communities of color.

Let's Be DOPE TOGETHER™ and thank you for your support,

Angel Iset Dozier, Ed. M., Founder & Principal at Iset Excelsior LLC

DBA: Iset Academy Connector, Be Connected Durham & Beyond, LBDT

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